Thank you for Volunteering with us!

We had a wonderful time volunteering with you and your colleagues! Your pediatric activity kit donations will provide young patients with meaningful activities during stressful times. Thank you for helping to bring joy to these children in hospitals.

Share The Good!


Share your event experience by clicking on one of the provided links or . Feel free to use the sample captions below:

LinkedIn: As part of our BFF & Legal End of Year Celebration, HubSpot partnered with @Generus to paint and donate toy cars for children. We learned so much from our host, Broadway actress Gail Bennett, and had a blast painting with artist Leslie Graff! #volunteer #holidays #GenerusCompany

Facebook: At HubSpot, giving back is part of our team culture. And in order to celebrate another great year, we wanted to do something big for the community. Along with @GenerusTogether, we painted toy cars to donate to children. Thanks to Broadway actress #GailBennett for hosting the event and to artist @lesliegraff for teaching us how to paint! #volunteering #GenerusCompany

Twitter: Congrats, team, on another great year! To celebrate, we wanted to do something good for the community, so we partnered with @Generus_Co to paint toy cars for children. Thanks to @thegailbennett for hosting the event and to @lesliegraffart for teaching us how to paint! #volunteer