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Generus Increases Event Engagement Through Virtual Volunteering

Remote work has been a lifesaver, but it comes with its own unique challenges. Loneliness is worse than ever, and when we can’t see each other in person, it’s difficult to bond and connect with with our coworkers, clients and prospects. But through virtual volunteering with Generus, companies gain meaning, morale, and engagement. Our special offering to help your teams include a psychology backed mix of elements to get them back to thriving:


Our virtual volunteer events instill purpose through charitable causes and connection through teambuilding exercises.


Track attendee satisfaction with our surveys, which reveal your audience’s passions and how volunteering motivates them.

Video Visits

With our video visits, volunteering is easy. You can upload a video individually or film one together as a company.

Social Media

Every event comes with a social media package that you can share on your channels to promote company culture, client appreciation or marketing events.

Help your team feel connected.

The Importance
of Event Engagement

An engaged attendee is a happy attendee, and one of the best ways to engage your audience is by encouraging their passions through virtual volunteer projects. These projects make clients, employees and prospects feel heard and valued, which increases their bond to you and your company. And with Generus at your side, you can ensure each event leaves them more productive and better connected. With Generus, you’ll get:


Generus strives to create unique, engaging volunteer opportunities that promote productivity, passion, and team unity. And with our scientifically-backed process, we’re able to assess and refine our offerings to fit your company’s specific needs.


Getting to Know
Your Company

We start by sending out a questionnaire concerning your company goals and audience interests. We then pair your team with a meaningful cause that fits your company culture.

& Event Planning

Generus handles every facet of your event, from hiring your event host to mailing supplies. With our connections and expertise, you can ensure a personalized, professional experience.

Your Virtual
Volunteering Event

On the day of the event, Generus will manage your tech and help facilitate teambuilding exercises. Some of these exercises include trivia, ice breakers, and a presentation about your chosen charity.

& Future Goals

Once the event is over, we’ll send out another survey to see which activities best resonated with your audience. From there, we’ll discuss potential future events to further increase engagement.

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When you give with Generus, you gain something wonderful: a happier, more productive team. We’re experts at encouraging engagement through volunteering, and our connections and experience are second to none. Here are just a few reasons why you should partner with Generus:

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