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Generus was founded by Jamie Larsen in 2018. At first, Generus’s goal was to connect small and midsize companies with exciting volunteer opportunities that were usually limited to bigger businesses. Quickly, we realized that an easy way to save these companies time and money was by conducting virtual volunteer events. And when COVID-19 caused most companies to switch online, we were already well-established in the world of remote volunteering. Through our passion, knowledge, and connections, we soon became a leader in the field of virtual giving. Today, we continue to offer customized programs and packages that help connect teams, support charities, and promote company culture.

Remote employee engagement programs

From Start to Finish

We Deliver Personalized Volunteer Experiences

Generus’s mission is threefold: give back to charities, encourage employee engagement, and create unforgettable experiences. Our activities are scientifically designed to help employees feel good about themselves and their team, and each of our projects is customized to fit your employees’ interests and passions. When employees are given the opportunity to work on projects that matter to them, those employees feel valued, and their team grows stronger. And because Generus coordinates your event from beginning to end, you won’t have to worry about scheduling or technology issues. The “us” in Generus is there for a reason, and through our connections, expertise, and commitment, the “us” in your business will be fully realized.

We’re Not Just a Company

We’re a Team

Generus prides itself on employee engagement and satisfaction, so it’s little surprise that our own employees are dedicated to volunteering and teamwork. Together, we have over 40 years of experience in Corporate Volunteering, Public Relations, Corporate Communications, and Corporate Social Responsibly. Additionally, we each support several causes, and we devote our personal and professional time to advocating for our charities. From prison reform to helping the homeless, read more about what matters to us.

Jamie Larsen

CEO & Founder

Jamie is devoted to combatting poverty, especially for women and children. She’s also passionate about ending the loneliness epidemic, and it is her hope that Generus can help employees form deeper friendships at work and give back together in more purposeful ways.

Bryan Saxon

Director of Operations

As an avid cyclist, Bryan supports the mission of the World Bicycle Relief to help people conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence, and thrive through access to bicycles. Since moving to New York City, he has also supported the Coalition for the Homeless in providing for his neighbors in need.

Josh Sabey

Video Editor

Josh is dedicated to decreasing political polarization and building mental wellness in families and communities.

Marisa Manuel

Content Manager

Marisa supports multiple social justice causes, including Black Lives Matter and the Human Rights Campaign. She is also concerned with the environment and animal welfare, which has led her to foster multiple dogs and cats, take up composting, and commit to a plant-based lifestyle.

Penelope Sandoval-Pitts

Graphic Designer

After her grandfather died of heart disease, Penny worked for the American Heart Association for nearly a decade. She is a strong advocate for the education and prevention of heart disease, strokes, and related ailments.

Diane Sampson

Specialty Charity Organizer

Through her work with the Gantry Group, Diane strives to make education affordable and accessible.

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