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Jamie Larsen is the Founder and CEO of Generus. She has an extensive background in public relations, and she previously worked for Brodeur Partners, The Dilenschneider Group in NYC, and the Duke University Health System. In these roles, she published client profiles in major publications such as the LA Times and House Beautiful. She has also garnered numerous Best of Boston awards in Boston Magazine.

It’s More Than a Hobby.

It’s A Passion to Serve.

More About Jamie

Jamie has ample experience in volunteer work, and thanks to Generus’s Video Visits for Older Adults—an initiative which brings employees and community members together to help fight isolation and loneliness among seniors—she was invited to speak at the National Council on Aging Annual Conference. Before launching Generus, Jamie also led a faith-based volunteer program with former Dell CEO Kevin Rollins. This program matched college-aged volunteers with nonprofits and amassed over 600 volunteer hours per week.


The mother of five children ages 4-20, Jamie is passionate about causes that help women and children in poverty. 

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