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Video Visit Volunteering

The pandemic has been especially difficult for older adults isolated in care centers and hospitals around the world. At Generus, we feel it is our responsibility to ease their loneliness and anxiety by connecting them with inspiration stories told by our volunteers. While most of our events are held for companies, this is a fantastic option for individual volunteerism online. Please join our mission in helping our nation's older adults feel connected and loved.

Volunteer Online with Video Visits for Lonely Seniors

Here Is An Example of What You Can Do:

Make Your Own

Video Visits for Older Adults

Make a pre-recorded 1-3 min video on your phone sharing a memory you have with a grandparent or older adult, teach us how to do something or share something you enjoy. Please, nothing political, religious, or inflammatory.

See examples or share our Generus YouTube channel:

In the video:

  • Introduce something about yourself (name is optional).
  • Make sure your phone is horizontal when filming.
  • Once you film your video, use the form below to upload.
    Note: if you film on your phone, you can access this webpage from your phone to upload.
  • Share your video with friends on your social media.
  • By submitting your video you agree to the terms and conditions below.

Thank you!

Please email us if you have questions, need documentation for service hours or know of a Senior Facility that would benefit from Video Visits. Please reach out to us directly:

Submit Your Video Here!

Print or email this flyer to share Video Visits with Older Adults!

Video Visit Flyer for Older Adults

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