3 Ways Volunteering Expresses Gratitude

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and there’s a lot to be thankful for this year. We’re slowly putting the pandemic behind us, returning to the office, and generally regaining a sense of normal. Your company has been through so much these last two years, and so, too, have your employees. For that reason, it’s important to let them know just how much you appreciate them, and what better way than by volunteering together?

Here are three ways virtual volunteering will show your employees you’re thankful for them.

Acknowledge Employee Talents 

Just like with office work, virtual volunteering requires specific talents. Some employees are better at hands-on tasks while others are more skilled at organization or management. By choosing a project that honors these diverse interests and talents, you’re acknowledging your employees’ work and abilities as individuals. Essentially, you’re showing that each and every one of your employees is important to your business—it wouldn’t be a team without them.

Center Employee Interests

Employees want to work on projects that are important to them, and virtual volunteering gives them access to so many options. By working on a project that an employee is personally invested in, you’re showing that you respect and acknowledge their interests. In turn, your employee will know you see them as an individual, and simultaneously, they’ll feel more connected to your team. In other words, by being part of something that matters to them (their cause), you’re thanking them for being a part of what matters to you (your company).

Deepen Connections

Every employee wants to feel connected to their team, and virtual volunteering allows them to build deeper bonds. These bonds are helpful around the office on collaborative tasks—they’re also useful for networking. Plus, you’ll get to know your employees better and develop an even greater appreciation for their work. Essentially, by volunteering together, you’re helping them with their future careers. They’ll have a better idea of your company, and you’ll have a better idea of how they can grow within it.

Thanksgiving is a time for giving back, but it’s not the only time. If you want to be generous all year long, reach out to Generus and schedule your virtual volunteer project today.