What do Employees Value About Workplace Volunteering?

Workplace volunteering is essential for increasing employee engagement and retention. In fact, 60% of employees want to work for a company that supports volunteering, and over 70% want to work for a company whose mission and values align with their own. But what does it mean for these values to align? What are employees
looking for in their volunteer work?

Thanks to a survey from America’s Charities, we now have those answers, which we’ve compiled into the infographic below.

Workplace Volunteering by the Numbers

As you can see, employees appreciate volunteer experiences that bring them closer to their coworkers and organizational leaders. Additionally, they want to play a role in choosing which nonprofits and charities to support. If you assign volunteer projects without consulting them—or if you don’t focus on the teamwork aspect of giving back—you’re not truly aligning their wants with your volunteer offerings. However, if you choose projects that matter to your employees, they’ll feel heard, supported, and valued. And if you incorporate team building activities into your volunteer work, you’ll create more tightly-knit, productive teams.

Employees also value organization and want to take part in volunteer projects with clear goals. They enjoy when technology is incorporated into these projects, so long as that technology is easy to use. For these reasons, it’s important to plan projects that are straightforward, simple, and rewarding. And in order to do so, it’s best to partner with a volunteer company who can handle that planning for you.

Generus makes volunteer work easy by scheduling and coordinating your virtual volunteer projects. When choosing a project, we survey your employees to better understand their ideals and interests. We also prioritize team building activities and make it easy for employees to connect, no matter where they are. Furthermore, we provide the technology to assess employee engagement in each activity and to make your experience even better next time. In short, we understand what your employees value about volunteering, and our projects align with those values.

If you’d like to plan your next volunteer event with Generus, reach out today. And if you’d like to learn more about who we are and what we do, click here to learn more about our offerings.


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